Blue Mountains National Park.

I had some time this morning, so I thought I'd backtrack a bit to my trip to the Blue Mountains back in early February (when I was being lazy about writing in my blog...oops!) So here goes: 

That feeling you get when you've traveled far and wide just to get to your destination...and it's closed. Kind of like when my mom and I went to Iceland and the Blue Lagoon was closed. 

A group of us trekked to the Blue Mountains National Park, a heavily wooded area, chock-full of steep cliffs, deep forests and waterfalls - home of the Three Sisters sandstone rock formation. Unfortunately when we arrived at the park, it was semi-raining and the National Pass (the hike we were meant to take) was closed. At first I was disappointed. Until I realized it had been closed due to "an assessment of overhead rock stability has forced the temporary closure of one of the most popular bushwalks in the Blue Mountains - the National Pass walking track at Wentworth Falls."

I mean I like to hike, but I also don't want a giant rock falling on my head. 

We ended up doing the Cliff Top Walk. The temps were cool, the rain held out and we didn't hit too many mud pools. All-in-all it was a great day filled with good conversation, beautiful waterfalls and a decent amount of exercise. We topped off the afternoon with a great lunch at the nearby Leura Garage