Made it to Melbourne yesterday evening after a nice, relaxing weekend in Sydney (what most days in Sydney have been to date.) Met up with my AirBnB host in the Carlton neighborhood, got settled and headed off to explore. I did a bit of research on Melbourne before arriving and ended up in an area called Fitzroy. It's described online as a lively suburb with a bohemian reputation, full of eclectic bars and restaurants are popular with students, weekenders and young professionals. I found it to be a bit dirty - a bit like Minneapolis' uptown circa 1998. However, they did have an entire street of vintage clothing stores and a killer coffee joint. By the time I strolled south down Brunswick Street toward the river, the foot traffic from rush hour, as well as the wind started to pick up (like a lot.) And I was starting to get hangry. An old coworker of mine who lives in Melbourne sent recommendations for some great Italian near my accommodations, so I whipped u-turn and headed back north.

One thing I've noticed about Melbourne (being here a whole whopping 16 hours), is that it takes a LONG TIME to get anywhere on foot. The map makes everything look really close, until you zoom in and more and more roads suddenly appear. Took me a good 45 minutes to get to Lygon Street through the mobs of folks heading home from work. And the wind was still picking up (like literally-branches-were-flinging-off-trees type of windy.)

Made it to a small Thai restaurant and ordered a Peroni. Felt good to sit, find my bearings and rest my feet. Did some TripAdvisoring and ended up at La Spaghettata Restaurant, where I stuffed my face with a caesar salad and some of the most delicious seafood spaghetti marinara I've ever had. Was in bed by 8:30 and that, folks was my first day in Melbourne.