Having second thoughts...

Just kidding! Made it to Sydney this morning in one piece. I skipped over the dateline, jumped into the future and made it here by Friday morning (too bad my last paycheck doesn't come until Central Time Friday AM.)

It feels so dang good. So good to be able to breathe without my face hurting. If you’ve been living in or near Minneapolis lately, you know what I’m talking about. Sydney is a bit muggy and overcast, but beautiful and refreshing at the same time.

Took a nice little 8-mile stroll up the eastern coastway and managed to already sunburn my nose and start a blister on my foot. Also, I should probably figure out what and where all these infamous poisonous Australian snakes/spiders/etc. live (Just a side note.) But I’m not complaining! Wifi is being stodgy so I will upload more pics later. Hold tight.