Beaches and Stingers.

Well I heard I missed the most epic Vikings game ever. But I don't really care because I got a text message this morning saying there's a snow emergency in Minneapolis. Currently it's 80 degrees in Port Douglas. 

This is officially my first day solo with absolutely nothing to do. It's shockingly uncomfortable. It's my first day alone and I'm struggling with completely unplugging vs. stay-plugged-in. It's been such a habit for so long to check all forms of social media, email as well as keep up on current local/national news. So, this morning, I did just that. The one good/bad thing, is that once I leave my Airbnb, I have zero cell data so those shall be my quiet unplugged hours (aka if you're trying to get a hold of me, I probably won't answer.)

On that note, if you do want to get in touch, please add WHATSAPP to your phone for texting - it's easy and free internationally :)

Going to go to the beach and hopefully not get stung by stingers or eaten by a crocodile - apparently that's common here on 4-mile Beach. However, they do have this neat little net thingy that keeps them out. And if worst comes to worst, there are bottles of vinegar everywhere to pour on the sting. Crossin' my fingers!